Low Profile Surface Tracking

Low Profile Surface Tracking

Smart Floor

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Please contact us on 01 840 7880 to discuss with us how we can plan your smart floor layout and pricing specifically for your vehicle. 

Smartfloor has been tested and approved to M1 in all major bus makes. It achieves this by using strong and lightweight interlocking aluminium alloy sections that are bonded to the vehicle floor.

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Smart Floor

The Smartfloor Advantage:

  • Smartfloor is M1 certified in compliance with UN Regulations UNECE R14, R16 and R17 for all major bus makes
  • Accepts Koller Low Profile Rail, ensuring compatibilty with Koller removable seat fixings and wheelchair restraints
  • Bolted Low Profile Rail ensures any inadvertently damaged rail is easily replaced and vehicle use restored
  • Provides total layout flexibility for removable seats and wheelchairs
  • Manufactured from lightweight, high-strength aluminium alloy sections
  • Low Profile Rail angled edges provide a neat and tidy finish by lying over the floor covering
  • Customised floor layout to individual requirements


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