Alluminium Anti-Rattle Seat Fixture (Lockable)

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The Anti Rattle Aluminium Lockable seat fixing is the lightest, simplest to operate and most cost-effective product of its type available, enabling seats to be moved easily to provide a flexible vehicle layout that can be changed to suit operators' requirements. 

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The Aluminium Lockable Advantage:

  • Versatile - fits most removable minibus type seats
  • Strong - tested to M1 loads on single seats and M2 loads on double seats
  • The lightest of its type - weighs only 500g (approx.) and made from aircraft type grade material
  • Ergonomic locking device - Auto -locking and simple twist unlock action
  • Anti-rattle mechanism to reduce or eliminate annoying seat rattle
  • Simply drops into floor rails (tracking) and securely locked with a plunger
  • Once locked, the base of the lockable engages inside the floor rails to prevent pulling out
  • Roller version available for easy moving of seats without lifting
  • Colour-coded key components for easy identification
  • Compatible with Koller Low Profile rail, Koller Surface rail and Smartfloor.
  • The lightest and quickest to use M1 load-tested removable seat fixing
  • Can be manufactured to your own specification
  • Engineered for Safety


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