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Fast Combined

FAST RS Combined

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The Koller FAST RS Combined provides a unique combination of safety, space saving, speed of operation and cost in a restraint system. 

The Koller FAST RS Combined restraint is the first on the market to have been crash-tested to ISO 10542 for occupants up to 102kg making it over 30% stronger than similar our competitors. 

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The FAST RS Combined Advantage:

  • Wheelchair tie-down straps exceed ISO 10542 weight occupancy crash-testing standards by over 30%. Crash-tested for occupants up to 102 kg.
  • Self-tensioning system using heavy duty FAST retractors
  • Dual Handles on FAST retractors suitable for left and right-handed operators, regardless of wheelchair position
  • Durable metal covers on FAST retractors protect retractors and webbing
  • Fixed length front straps for ease of fitting
  • TITUS passenger harness - for maximum comfort and safety, yet as simple to use as a car seatbelt
  • Future-proof - a 3-point (upper anchorage) belt can be added to the TITUS harness any time
  • Colour-coded belts on TITUS harness for easy identification
  • Covers on retractors and stalk buckle for added durability and protection
  • Wide webbing on all tie-down straps for strength and wheelchair stability
  • Colour-coded key components for easy identification
  • Engineered for Safety

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