About Parfit

At Parfit Caradapt division, we specialise in the Adaption of Cars for Drivers and Passengers with Additional Needs. For over 50 years, our dedicated, handpicked team are here to ensure your needs are facilitated.

Most of our clients are Primary Medical Certificate holders and therefore these Adaptions not only assist them in driving or travelling in their car but also qualify them for VRT and Vat exemptions under the Disabled Driver and Passenger Scheme from the Irish Revenue Commissioners.

For the Driver with Additional Needs, we offer a range of assistive products such as Driver Push Pull Hand Controls, Steering Aids, Infra Red Secondary Control Devices etc.

For Passengers with Additional Needs, we offer products such as but not limited to Transfer Plates, Grab Assist Handles, Seat Rail Extensions, Swivel Seats, and Entry Side Steps. We also offer Boot Hoists, Roof Storage Boxes, Boot Straps, Passenger Harnesses and much more.

Many of our products are Vehicle Specific offering specific designs that suit your particular make and model of the vehicle resulting in optimum safety and efficiency.